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Version 52.0

Release date

Expected release date 23rd November 2016


Delete confirmation message on user edit.

Update to editing claim type at manager level.

Ability for claimants to recall claims sent to managers. Details on this found Here

Duplicate claim warning messages now appear at draft.

New access added for ability to approve request advances.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue with favourite journies / favourite locations.

Fixed a minor issue with daily digest email reminders.

Advance requests no longer need company / admin access.

Receipt required message no longer appears until the user has been presented with that option.

Fixed an issue with claim lines not assigning to managers correctly.

No longer able to deny an expense claim in a submitted batch.

Fixed an issue with submitting claim to a deleted manager.

Company logos now fit to screen correctly.

User profile templates now working as intended.

Deleted mileage date ranges no longer appearing in the list.

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